Patrice's Culinary Collective is the result of a 50 year journey that started when the owner Karen Patrice was exposed to the great pie making skills of her mom, Jean. Always underfoot in the kitchen at 5 years old, her mom would break off a piece of pie crust dough, and equip Karen with a rolling pin, and let her "create," while she of course created her scrumptious apple pie. The rest as they say is history, albeit a bumpy one filled with grand dessert experiments, constantly watching and learning from her mom, as well as "little grandma" and "grandma Mc" over the years.

Karen owned and operated award winning Rosebud's Bakery in Florida during the 1990's and tucked away that experience as she moved to Kansas City in 2001. On and off over the past 10 years or so, she dreamed of bringing her version of high quality, New Orleans and Southern culturally influenced pastries and desserts to the Kansas City Region. So today as a result, the current format and menu brought forth in Patrice's Culinary Collective experience is launched. She invites you to prepare all of your senses to enjoy a great culinary experience. Bon Appetit!