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"This new concept kitchen is above it's time! The food is delicious and unique, while the catering process is comfortable and seamless. The staff is as wonderful as the food!"

-Chelsea S.

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The collective

Patrice's Culinary Collective is the result of a 50 year journey that started when the owner Karen Patrice was exposed to the great pie making skills of her mom, Jean.

Group or private classes led by Karen Boyd

Savory soups, main dishes and specialty items

A collection of homemade treats inspired by my mom and grandmothers recipes.

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Our Tradition

Fresh Ingredients

Great food begins with quality fresh ingredients in our bakery offerings, catered meals and our teaching kitchen. Locally sourced fruits, vegetables and herbs enhance not only the flavor, but also add to the nutritional value of our food.


Food brings people together in the very best way. With our cooking classes, catering and homemade bakery items, we purposefully gather the communities through food. Patrice's Culinary Collective is created to be a social hub and to bind the community through the enjoyment, creation, education and appreciation of shared culinary experiences.

Traditions are meant to be honored and shared. Patrice's Culinary Collective is designed to spark curiosity, educate and share the process of creating dishes through methods that honor the past and ignite a love of the culinary arts.

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Patrice's Culinary Collective

9721 Winslow Pl.

Kansas City, MO 64131


TUES - SAT 8:00AM-6:00PM

SUN & MON - Closed

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Pick Up & Delivery Service Available

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